Sunday, June 16, 2019

What causes conflict in organizations Research Paper

What causes conflict in organizations - Research Paper ExampleAs such, there is a large disparity on the effects of the conflicts to a firm.The outgrowth main cause of conflicts in organizations is differing values and notions. virtually firms give up their values and goals at heart and ensure all the employees are inclined towards achieving all these goals. Most of the organizations have various strategies which are geared towards achieving the goals and values that are openly stated. On the other hand, all the employees have their values and goals which are at heart. man the organization is striving to achieve its goals and values, the other employees are also struggling to achieve their goals. This brings conflict of interest where each entity is inclined towards achieving its goals (Rahim, 2011). Many organizations cherish the belief and value of having diverse employees from different specialties. This is deemed to help the organization achieve its goals within the stated whilelines. However, some employees are not in line with such an approach. They do not want diversity in the organization as it thwarts their essay for the best opportunity to excel. This creates a scenario where some are not contented with companion employees. In the end, there is a looming conflict that affects the performance of the firm. For example, some employers do not believe in having workers that have varying beliefs. As such, they will punish their best to oppose such an approach. In solving this conflict, there is a possible approach of teaching employees the need for diversity in an organization. This is by ensuring that they tie up and interact with each other in ensuring the organization records stunning performance. In many instances, occasional training is instilled to make a better understanding of the event (Maas, 2010). Similarly, some organizations involve corporate activities which ensure the employees engage in lengthy talks that are also fun. In such a s ituation, the employees get to admit the others positive side. The second cause of conflict in organizations is the issue of opposing interests. Some employees are hell-bent on achieving their interests while in the firm. On the other hand, the firm has its stated achievements that should be keenly followed. In such a situation, there is a conflict as each of the two finds an avenue of achieving the best. For example, some organizations have stated achievements which include maximizing the utility of workers. In such a situation, most organizations would wish workers to spend more time at their work place in ensuring the organization gets the best outcome (Kinicki and Kreitner, 2009). However, some employees would wish to achieve personal goals which include attaining higher studies. Since most of these studies would ingest more time, the employees take most of the time studying. In such situations, the organization is not likely to reflect utter utility. This affects its entire performance as it has to struggle achieving maximum utility from some of these employees. In solving such a situation, the organization should have clearly stipulated rules and regulations on time management. For example, if the workers would wish to continue with their education, it is wise that they should seek discontinuation from duties for the stated time. When the employees are concentrating on one activity at a time, they are likely to give it the best shot (Maas, 2010). Therefore, when they have all the time

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