Thursday, June 20, 2019

Business Ethics and Sustainability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Business Ethics and Sustainability - Essay ExampleReference is made to a proper(postnominal) case, as an example the oil spill ca utilise by BP in Mexico in 2010. Different honorable approaches are used for evaluating the role of parties in the specific ethical issue and for understanding how the effects of this issue, in terms of ethics, could be limited. Also, the following problem is explored can a particular ethical theory be used for realising all aspects of an ethical issue in the business sector or a combination of different ethical approaches would be rather preferred? The enquiry and the analysis of the facts of the specific case, as based on appropriate literature, lead to the following assumption business decisions and operations can be quite obscure current ethical approaches are not able, if used separately, to explain all ethical issue related to business activities no matter the size of a business.In the 20th of April 2010 a strong explosion occurred in BPs drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico (The Guardian, 2010). The sites safety measures were turn up quite problematic a mechanism that had been established for controlling the leak of oil did not operate while no plan appeared for limiting the gentleman losses in regard to the companys staff in the particular site (The Guardian, 2010). As a result, about 11 employees died while 17 others suffered severe injuries also, an extended oil slick was gradually developed affecting the natural environment, see waters and coasts, in the greater Gulf area (The Guardian, 2010). or so 200 million gallons of oil (Geggel, 2015) have been released in the Gulf of Mexico during the 87 days that followed the explosion in BPs particular drilling rig (Neuhauser, 2014). The scathe caused on the areas natural environment has been quite critical (Figure 1).Due to its effects on the environment, the specific incident was carefully investigated by the authorities, as of all its aspects. At a first

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