Sunday, June 23, 2019

The End of Privacy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The End of Privacy - Research Paper ExampleThe authorities nurse been involved in securing and establishing policies to minimize incremental advantages from much(prenominal) information. However, the ambivalence one experiences due to advance technology is quite right. Such technological tools do advent human kind, but they are overly a main reason to erode face-to-face privateness (Tavani, 162). Surveillance cameras, sensors, recording devices, monitors have the capability to fund large amount of data. These day to day technological tools may seem inevitable due to the ease and security they have produced for the mankind, but they have also posed a threat towards the civil liberty and in-person loneliness of many. Although, violation of internet privacy is not an easy task, but hackers all slightly the world have obtain techniques to extract encrypted and encoded data. However, these technological shortcomings can only be resolved by the same mean (Buchanan,817). However, there are devil main concerning aspects which USA government is trying to resolve to its best. The obtainment of personal information by FBI for national security purposes and the emphasis individuals are exerting on the privacy of their information. Another security concern is possessed by the World Wide Websites through their tracking cookies, which get stored on the hard drive and extract personal information of the user (Dubrawsky, 38). ... ce, several bills have been presented before the Congress to retrieve this encrypted information for the national security means, as the security of state is integral than the privacy of few individuals. The key to decode such encrypted information is thus, a civil and humanistic right to the information possessor. Such encrypted information is mainly possessed by a firm or a contractor if he shares it with government then he violates the right of his clients, which is also a breach of law. Hence, it is an utmost precedency of the law enfor cement firms to responsibly obtain information, which could potentially lead to a threat and not to violate the confidentiality of an individual or organisation. Basic internet threat justification can be attained from firewall and anti- viruses. These software keep the privacy options of ones PC high and do not let the burst out-ups viruses and spywares to intrude or store information on ones hard drive. The later changes the configuration of PC without the users consent. Therefore, it is much more detrimental than the former one (Caruso,1). Banks, reference Card companies, Government agencies gather personal information of the client or public and store it in their database. Hence, this personal information given out to such firms can be exploited by the receiver. For instance, if an individual fills out a bank loan form he will insert all his personal information from family structure to preferences and potential worthy items (Liberti, 4057). However, this happens rarely, but information given out on World Wide Web is particularly detrimental for the donor. If such information is given out to a wrong or fraudulent source it can lead to maximum loss. It can all began from junk emails to pop up items and eventually it can lead to

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