Saturday, June 8, 2019

Reflective Diary Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Reflective Diary - Coursework ExampleThese food places are called straightaway casual and have become a threat to fast food places and the traditional restaurants.The second key get along described in the article is how pubs, specifically those in London, are enjoying more visits from customers collectable to an adjusted family-friendly menu and dcor. It seems that pubs have upped their food offerings and have started including food items for the entire family. More all over, they have updated their interiors so as to be cozier and family-friendly. Because of these changes, adults have started bringing their kids along and pub owners are starting to get a new reputation as a family-oriented food establishment, other than a place where one scum bag enjoy drinks with friends.Aside from these two significant issues, other key issues could be gathered from the article. First of these is the effect of fast casual food places on fast food joints. People still find fast food places conv enient, especially those who want to grab something to eat because they are too busy to sit atomic pile and enjoy a meal. Second of these is the effect on traditional restaurants. People also like full service restaurants because the atmosphere is more conducive to having conversations over a warm and complete meal. Still, as the study has discovered, these same people would appreciate a place where the speediness in fast food joints and the comfortable standard pressure of traditional restaurants can be enjoyed at the same time. This is why fast casual restaurants are now becoming popular among consumers.The other sub issue is the sudden popularity of pub and hotels because of the way they reinvented their service. Aside from changing the atmosphere in their establishments, pub owners have also started improving the food that they are offering to the customers. rather of continuing to focus on adult customers, they have now expanded their service to also providing meals for

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